SAMSUNG MV800 Flipscreen Camera

One of the problems with reporting on cameras is that they are all very much alike. Once I testimony on the Megapixels and memory, I then list off a cluster of the usual features.
Samsung’s MV800 Point and Shoot (P&S) camera has one incredibly interesting feature that I have never seen before. It has a 3-inch capacitive touchscreen display that can be flipped 180 degrees. This comes in handy for self-shots and low-angles shots, and for when you want to prop it up.
I suppose that you can also flip the screen over and view the contents of the microSD/SDHC card. That’s right, it takes the microSD instead of the usual SD. That’s another distinctive feature that will probably become more common, if it isn’t already on P & S cameras.
Well, we might as well describe the usual features. It has a 5X optical zoom and 16.1 Megapixels. It also has some interesting software inside for filters, panoramas, photo touch-ups, effects, plus in-camera cropping.