Quick Play USB Turntable

Talk about giving a new spin on something that can be painstaking to be old, archaic even – Firebox has the £49.99 Quick Play USB Turntable just for you. It is the perfect device for those who want to make the jump over to the digital music situation from their precious old records. Vinyl lovers are able to do so with the Quick Play USB Turntable, where you are able to place your entire collection of LPs, 12″s and singles directly into a digital library.
It can transfer your primeval music collection straight to the computer through the simple act of plugging in the turntable into a USB port. Once that is done, just boot up the idiot-proof EZ vinyl converter software and you’re good to go with the conversion process. There is no need to worry about special kinds of drivers or mismatched software for sure.
Not only that, the belt-driven USB Turntable can also be connected to any home stereo with CD or auxiliary inputs. Basically, it allows you to spin your records via a regular system whenever you are not converting them.