Lian Li Mini Tower PC-V600F chassis unveiled

Lian Li is eminent for their all aluminum PC chassis, and their latest release would be the Mini Tower PC-V600F which will come in a selection of colors. We are talking about black, silver, red, and get this – an All Black. All Black is not a individual edition which pays tribute to New Zealand’s rugby team, but rather, it will bring that shade whether internally or externally.

Chances are those who decide on up the PC-V600F will not be disappointed with the high-quality, all-aluminum computer case, as it comes with a grated front-panel design, a trio of cooling fans (where two of them will sport LED lighting), plenty of build breathing space with hot swappable capabilities, multiple USB 3.0 ports, and anti-vibration capability. Oh yeah, as for folks who hate carrying a toolbox around, or fumble around with screwdrivers and missing screws, it is a respite to know that this PC chassis will boast of being tool-less in nature.
Remember the two 120mm LED lit fans that we talked about earlier? Well, they are located on the front-panel to pull cool air into the case, and a solitary 120mm top-panel fan will expel heated air at the back of the case. Located right below the PSU (Power Supply Unit) mount on the bottom of the case, there lies a expel that helps bring in cool air, preventing dust from getting in thanks to a washable air filter. With additional vents in the PCI brackets on the back-panel, those will aid additional thermal flow.
There will be a couple of hard drive cages that rely on thumb-screws with rubber deferral to keep your expensive data repositories in place without the need for tools to assemble. Capable of holding up to five 3.5” SATA hot swappable HDDs and two 2.5” HDDs, you can also increase video card space by removing one of the HDD cages in a jiffy.
Makes us wonder whether it is going to transform into an Autobot or Decepticon when you’re not looking, this