Blessings of Science in the Modern Generation

Our forefather led a very simple life because they don't have the same kind of facilities and comfort which se enjoy at present. They mostly worked with their hands and walked on foot or by riding over the donkeys. They have no source of modern entertainment. They youth played Kabaddi and flew kites. The girl enjoyed Hide and seeks & arranged marriages of dolls etc. Their life was very simple and nothing so called luxurious existed.

The modern life of today is totally comfortable due to the science of modern life i.e.

Television, Computer, Radio, Aero plane, Motor Car, Railway Engine, Camera, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner…, etc.

In my view the most important blessings of Science in the modern generation is the Internet and Computer because they brought the people from any part of the world close to each other these invention are the miracles of science and they made our life so easy and comfortable.

Rightly said by “Lord Hew-awn”

“Science has Multiple human amusement”