How To Change The Text On The Start Button (will only work on Windows XP)

How to change the text on the start button

First go to

On the search bar type "resource hacker"
In the search results there will be a option called *Resource Hacker 3.4* without asterisk *
Click on that
Then click on download
It will begin downloading a ZIP file so you only need to extract
Next extract thee files
When you've done that open resource hacker
Then go to file -> open
Open C:/WINDOWS/explorer
Some files should appear in resource hacker
Click on *String Table* without asterisk *
then would be a number of numbers coming
Click on *37* without asterisk *
Now the number 1033 will be appearing below the number 37
Click on 1033
Some scripts should be coming on the right side
click on "start"(in the script) and name it whatever you want
Then click on *Compile Script* without asterisk
Then save it in WINDOWS and name it whatever you want but it should end with .exe
now go to start -> run and type in *regedit* without asterisk
Now in that go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
in that go to software
in that click on Microsoft
in that click on Windows NT
in that click on current vision
in that click on Winlogon
you will find many options on the right
in those options find Shell
double click on it and change the value data to what you named the the file from resource hacker
now click on Ok
now close registry edit and restart your computer
And there you go..!!!!